Inner Wheel District 316
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Message from District Chairman

G.N. Vara Lakshmi
District Chairman

My Dear friends in Inner Wheel,

I am privileged to share my views with you about the exciting world of Inner Wheel through our District Directory.

Friend, you have entrusted me with the responsibility of representing our district this year as the Chairman. The success of my tenure depends on the individual effort of each one of you. It's only your cooperation, support and goodwill that will enable me to fulfil my duty and come out in flying colours. Together let us strive for a glorious year of service in friendship.

We all need to be remembered to feel that we have contributed something to the world around. For some, this can be a driving force leading to extraordinary contribution to the mankind. But for most of us with more modest goals, what pushes us is the desire to Leave a Legacy. Your Legacy is putting your stamp on the future of your organization. Your Legacy grows each time you inspire others.

Let us join hands to demonstrate our passion for service and out vision to turn this world into a liveable, loveable and luminous place.
With wishes for a yet another New IW Year, Pledge to make a difference in the way you serve the community or your organization at all levels, Let each one of you leave an impact around you to leave a Lasting Legacy for IW.