Inner Wheel District 316
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Message from IIW President

Dr. Kapila Gupta
IIW President 2017-18

The Incoming District Chairman,

I extend my greetings to you & members of your District on the occasion of beginning of new Inner Wheel year. New Challenges, a desire to do something new. it is the time for change of Guards-when we indulge in celebrating the past achievements & prepare for the new advents for the coming year. This change is a dynamic process of past accomplishments being acknowledge with gratitude by the future challenges. Truely it is the time of opening the doors to the new horizon, new heights that lie ahead.

Innerwheel gives an oppertunity as well a platform to give back to society as well as contribute a little to make it better, in addition we get an opportunity to make new friends and promote friendship around us. Communicate each day with at least one new member & make her your friend. This way you would have a bouquet of new & old friends to share their knowledge & heppiness & sorrows.

IIW Theme 2017 - 18 Leave a Lasting Legacy - Plan Guide in such a way that you leave a Lasting Legacy to promote IW.

No candle loses its light by lightening another candle,

So never stop sharing & helping other because it makes your life more meaningful.

Do good, be good. Enjoy Innerwheel - Expand Innerwheel - Empower Women