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IIW President Message

Mrs. Bina Vyas
IIW President 2020-21

Inner Wheel is the largest Women's Voluntary Service Organisation in the world, very soon ready to celebrate our centenary year in 2024. In the last 96 years, times have changed, needs have changed, humanitarian problems have changed, technology has changed and requirement of infrastructure is totally changed. Inner Wheel has been accommodating changes since years. However, we need to keep pace with the changing times. In fact, we need to have a vision to remain one step ahead of the coming changes.

However,it is we, members of Inner Wheel, who have to ultimately take initiatives and adopt a structured approach to continue fulfilling our programs and ideology.

We need to make an impact internationallyby focusing on sustainable large community development projects, making larger clubs and branding of Inner Wheel in the public through our work.

Inner Wheel is being represented in the United Nations on the Commission for Status of Women and Girls. From time to time, United Nations has been giving recommendations to NGOs on which we need to work. UN has lot of expectations from us to cooperateand help in implementing programs as per their guidelines, with special emphasis on Youth, Women and Senior Citizens.

Inner Wheel needs to implement the recommendations of the UN to bring about change in our community development programs.

We need to lead the change in : our thinking , publicising our brand of Inner Wheel, growth of our organisation both financially and in membership strength and cooperating with other like-minded organisations by establishing networking.

As we head for the centenary year, let us lead the changes in
  • Having our own Organisation's Strategic Plan and Goals
  • Targeting Membership Growth
  • Targeting increase in Number of Clubs
  • Initiating Youth Clubs (18-25 age group)
  • InitiatingYouth Development Project for Girls (12-25 age group)
  • Focusing on Projects on the recommendations of the United Nations
  • Promoting brand image at club, District and International levels
  • Creating awareness about health, fnancial independence and education in our own members and among the women everywhere
  • Shortlisting like-minded cooperating organisations and establishing communication with them
  • Working for collective leadership
  • Executing Corporate International Projects

If we have to achieve all this, we need to lead the positive change by empowering our own members by guiding, recognising them as leaders in their own rightsand accepting and believing in their leadership. Then only we, the proud members of such a wonderful organisation, can contribute more effectively in developing and bringing a ray of hope in the lives of the needy and underprivileged. We are privileged to have the opportunity to serve those who need us. Let nothing stop us in becoming a force to reckon with in the world.

Let us then LEAD THE CHANGEcollectively to bring about positive, significant and meaningful difference in the world.

IIW President 20-21