Inner Wheel District 316
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Membership Growth

Smt. Sujatha, PDC

Environment Protection

Smt. Rama Anand Rao, PDC

Women Empowerment & Care of the Girl Child

Smt. Sudha Nagaraj, PDC

Friendship & Exchange Programme

Smt. Veena Swamy, AC


Smt. K. Shyamala, PDC
Smt Geetha Ravindra, PDC

Image Building of Inner Wheel

Smt. Savitha, PDC

Project Banks

Smt. C. Swarna Latha, PDC

Theme Promotion & Happies futuer & Better Lives

Smt. Indira Kalyamkari, PDC

We Care for you

Smt. Vaidehi Narayanaswamy, PDC

Culture & Heritage

Smt. Rathnama, PDC